Apple Will Now Replace Your iPhone 5′s Display (For Just $149)

Apple Will Now Replace Your iPhone 5′s Display (For Just $149)

Blowing a significant hole in the third-party repairs market, MacRumors tonight reports that Apple has quietly introduced a new repair service at its retail stores, which will see customers able to have their iPhone‘s glass display replaced by the company, for as low as $149.

The move quickly saw other repair shops scramble to drop the price of their own iPhone display repair services to match the firm’s new service pricing, with Quick iFix announcing a significant drop to its own iPhone display repair services, previously starting at $174.99 and now just $139.99.


However, Apple’s new approach to repairing consumer iOS devices reportedly won’t stop at that glass-covered display. According to iClarified, the company is also expected to introduce official repair services relating to the iPhone‘s camera modules, “sleep/wake” button, and logicboard – as early as next month.

There’s no word on if the services will extend to Apple’s iPad, although we imagine that the company wouldn’t want to leave its best-selling tablet out of its new repair services foray.

/ MacRumors