Briefly: Apple Expected To Launch In-Store iPhone “Trade-In” Program

Briefly: Apple Expected To Launch In-Store iPhone “Trade-In” Program

Retailers such as BestBuy and Target have each offered “trade-in” programs on Apple’s iOS devices for some time now. Apple itself offers the ability for those in the U.S to trade-in their used iPhones and iPods online through its official website, but has never offered the ability to do this in-store.

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According to Bloomberg, that may be about to change. Citing the company has recently partnered with leading wireless service partner Brightstar, the publication notes that Apple’s new program will involve allowing U.S customers to “trade-in” their used iPhone models for instant cash payment, at Apple’s many retail store locations.

These “used” iPhone models, (providing they’re in suitable condition to be sold on), will then be resold to customers in “emerging markets.” That way, the resale of Apple’s older models “won’t cannibalize iPhone 5 sales in the U.S,” Bloomberg’s source noted.

It is not yet known when the new program will become available.

/ MacRumors