Dropbox 2.3.12 (Beta): Automatic Screenshot Upload (And Sharing)

Dropbox 2.3.12 (Beta): Automatic Screenshot Upload (And Sharing)

Dropbox has released a new build of its desktop client this week. The new “experimental” build features the ability for a user to have the screenshots they take through OS X‘s “capture” feature automatically uploaded to the Dropbox service.


Screenshots uploaded to the service are then given their own unique sharing URL, which is automatically copied to the OS X clipboard, ready for you to post wherever you want.

The feature is currently in “beta,” and there’s no telling if it will make it through into the final version Dropbox plans to release, publicly. That said, it sounds like a super useful feature — (especially for bloggers).

In addition, the update includes improved support for moving files to Dropbox, importing from iPhoto, and includes “much faster upload/download speeds” for the upload of more larger files.

You can get Dropbox 2.3.12right here.

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Version: 3.1.2
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