Atlas by Collins™ – (Was $6.99, Now FREE)

Atlas by Collins™ – (Was $6.99, Now FREE)

You may remember we took a quick look at Atlas by Collins™ back in October of last year. Now featuring separate views which show the world’s current progression in both “Development” and “Economy,” (using statistics and context from the World Bank), Atlas by Collins™ allows you to view our world in more context through nine informational themed-based globes.

For those who missed our overview of Atlas in October, here’s what I said:

“For version 1.0 I have to say I was quite impressed with ATLAS by Collins. Having access to a full satellite view of the globe, (which, I might add, seamlessly integrates to Apple’s Maps service for fine grain, eagle eye – and 3D – views of your chosen locations), which you can then one-tap drill down further to see information about pretty much any place or region, this app is definitely one for the survival kit.”

Since we last took a look at it, Atlas has received 4 updates significant to its functionality – the last of which was released just today. Updating to version 2.0, Atlas by Collins™ now includes an in-app store allowing you to download new globes, as well as giving you the ability to restore your past purchases.

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With an updated ‘gazetteer’ and country information you’ll be able to find out even more about the places you’re interested in, and the app will now better handle ‘clustered data points’ when viewing them at the lowest “zoom” level available.

You’ll also find improved sharing is now available when taking a screenshot with the app, lots of general performance improvements and a few minor bug fixes.

Overall, my opinion really hasn’t changed on Atlas by Collins™. You can pick it up whenever you like, and learn a whole bunch of stuff in the process, using the iPad‘s popular ‘multitouch’ input method to navigate the globe, effortlessly. Plus, it helps that the app is well-designed.

Atlas by Collins™ would usually set you back $6.99 — and it’s worth every penny of that for those who want to learn more about the world in which we live. Really, it is.

The good news is, however, Collins is wavering that for a limited-time on a “trial” basis, to test its new and more “premium” business model of requiring users to pay for additional information globes.

Most additional globes will cost you just $0.99.

Get Atlas by Collins™ on the App Store, today!

Version: 2.0.1
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