Deals: ‘Summary Pro’ Now Available For FREE (Limited Time)

Deals: ‘Summary Pro’ Now Available For FREE (Limited Time)

Have you ever wanted (or needed) to summarize your ideas, study notes, or business reports, while ensuring that you can also keep track of the source of every piece of information you’ve included in your summary?

If you have, Summary Pro for iPad might be for you.

Available as a FREE download for the next 24-hours courtesy of AppGratis, (and not to be confused with Nick D’Aloisio’s “Summly”, which was just acquired by Yahoo! for $30 Million), Summary Pro claims to be able to “easily and smartly summarise” whatever it is that you feel you need to summarize.

Using the app you can surf the web to find (and “clip”) segments of information you feel might be most beneficial to the idea or report you’re working on. The app supports the ‘clipping’ of charts, and the copying of text from online articles, with “free-hand cutting” and Summary Pro‘s own “smart” copy and paste feature.

Summary Pro also supports the opening of all documents using normal file extensions, too, including; PDFs , MS Word, Pages, MS Excel, Numbers, MS PowerPoint, Keynote, Text or RTF.

However, it’s Summary Pro‘s intuitive and simple-to-use interface which is the real winner here. Just a swipe with your finger will allow you to easily move between your summary and library, while a drag “left” can copy text and send “anything” into the summary you’re currently working on.

Summary Pro is now FREE for a limited-time.

Version: 2.0
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