Hulu Releases New Streamlined App For iOS

Hulu Releases New Streamlined App For iOS

Hulu has today released a completely redesigned version of its official Hulu Plus client for Apple’s iOS platform.

We’ve got all the details, after the break.

Updating to version 3.0, the mobile app – which has ultimately been designed to allow those subscribed to the premium video service to watch full current seasons of popular shows such as Modern Family, The Office and Family Guy, (among others) – has this week been updated with “hundreds of internal optimizations,” alongside receiving a ‘from-the-ground-up’ rethink to its core user interface.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 03.04.27

“We’re excited to introduce you to an entirely new Hulu Plus experience for iPad,” the app’s official description reads. “In addition to hundreds of internal optimizations, the Hulu Plus app has been redesigned to make browsing more enjoyable than ever and help you discover new and exciting shows with ease.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 03.04.59

Perhaps most notable is the addition of a new section on the app’s homescreen (seen above), which will now highlight the shows you watch most often, giving you one-tap access to continue watching were you last left off.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 03.09.26

The app will now also show you the current show that is playing, making sure you’re in full control. From the overlayed action bar you can pause a show, rewind or skip in intervals of 30-seconds, skip chapters, episodes, and even enter ‘full-screen’ mode – instantly getting rid of the visual clutter.

As we don’t currently have access to a Hulu Plus account, it’s kinda’ hard for us to show you the redesigned app in a fully working state. Thankfully, alongside the nuggets shown above, Patrick Srail of iClarified kindly also shares a number of screenshots depicting the app’s interface once you actually log-in to the client.


As you can see from this screenshot (above), available shows will now display in a ‘grid’ format, with the most important shows in your “queue” shown in a scrollable “carousel”-style view at the top of the app.

From the slide-out navigation control located on the left of the redesigned app, you can see all the shows and movies available to you per the app’s broken down categories, which include: Popular, Recently Added, Genres, Staff Picks and Networks.

It’s a welcome update from a visual standpoint, and we’re sure it’ll make those already subscribed to Hulu Plus all the more happier to see the firm investing some time, money and effort into getting its mobile experience right for everyone.

Hulu Plus is a FREE download and is currently only available to subscribers located in the United States.

Note: This application requires a paid subscription to Hulu Plus.