WWDC 2013 App Updates To Version 1.0.1

WWDC 2013 App Updates To Version 1.0.1

Apple has this morning updated its official app for WWDC 2013. The app, (originally released on Tuesday), has been updated with “numerous bug fixes” based on recent user feedback.

Perhaps most notable is a fix addressing an issue relating to video playback, with the latest update now seeing videos continue to play over AirPlay when the device a user is watching from either locks iself, or after playback is ‘interrupted’(for example, because of an incoming phone call).

Other Fixes Include

- When playing videos, the audio ringer switch no longer mutes audio
- Favorites in ‘Events’ view now go all the way to 11 PM
- Duplicate section headers in the videos list no longer appear
- The navigation bar in Events no longer disappears
- Blurry text in session details has been corrected
- Version information has been added to augment future bug reports or feedback

Using Apple’s new ‘WWDC 2013’ app, developers can browse times, locations, and descriptions for sessions set to be available this year, as well as watch (and re-watch) all the different labs and special events Apple has not only scheduled for this year’s event, but also watch special events and labs that Apple has held over the past two years.

Get the official WWDC 2013 app.

Version: 1.0.3
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