British Airways Updates iPhone App With Passbook Support

Released just a few days ago, British Airways has pushed out a new update to its iPhone app – this week. The app, which first made its debut on the store back in August 2008, allows users to manage their flights, book their flight tickets, and see their flight schedules – right from their smartphone.

Moving to version 4.5, those who travel by air frequently may be pleased to hear the app now includes that long-awaited support for adding your boarding passes to iOS Passbook.

“We have added boarding pass integration into Passbook,” the company writes in the update’s description. “From now on, all new boarding passes will be presented in Passbook. You’ll be able to download them from the app as usual and continue to use boarding passes on your iPhone in over 100 airports worldwide.”

“By mid June,” the company says, it’ll aim to “enhance Passbook boarding passes” by adding “direct links to them from your iPhone’s lock screen – as you’re ready to fly. This, BA notes, will make it “even easier” for you to access your boarding pass on the move.

“We’ll [even] send you a message via the app as soon as these are enabled,” the update reads.

Important note for Executive Club account holders: Updating to this version may require you to log in again. As a result, BA do not recommend updating the app on the day you are planning to travel.

British Airways is a FREE download on the App Store.

Version: 4.9
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