Deals: Flat-Looking Mail Client ‘Evomail’ Goes FREE (Limited Time)

Taking a quick break from our iOS 7 coverage, you may be interested to hear that the flat-looking mail client Evomail has just dropped from its usual retail price of $2.99 and is now FREE(for a limited time).

Described as a modern mobile email client that has been designed with “three guiding philosophies” in mind, Jonathan George’s Evomail aims to provide a beautiful, frictionless and simple mail experience on your iPhone and iPad, that is both “refreshed” and ever “evolving.”


In fact, the app looks like it could fit right in with those new icons on iOS 7‘s homescreen. The app itself features a pretty flat UI that uses white space to accentuate your unread emails, and swiping either left or right on a message will show bold ‘green’ or ‘red’-coloured options to either mark an email as “Read,” or “Delete” that particular message.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 20.54.07

The app also provides quick access to archive and trash, too, which gives you the ability to quickly “triage” your email throughout the day as it comes in, instead of having to wait until you’re back at your desktop.

Other Features You Can Expect

In the car and forgot to write down an address?
Use Evomail’s built-in “full” Gmail search to quickly search all of your email in Gmail.

Got an email that you just can’t stop laughing about?
Publicly share it on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere on the web.

Are you one of those people that has to know when a new message comes in?
Never miss a message with built-in push notifications.

Someone replied to an email from awhile back?
View the entire history of your conversation, not just the most recent message or two.

Get Evomail while it’s FREE!

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