Tidbit: Meet The New iOS Notification Center. Stocks, Weather And Translucent All Over.

Tidbit: Meet The New iOS Notification Center. Stocks, Weather And Translucent All Over.

Keeping in line with the general visual aesthetic of the new mobile operating system, Apple has also updated Notification Center to further reflect the ‘translucent’ nature of the revamped OS. Still available with a swipe down gesture anywhere in the OS, the newly redesigned centre for your notifications has a few small (but notable) additions.


As with most menu elements and views in iOS 7, Apple’s new Notification Center will now show you what lies beneath it. For example, if you pull the panel down over your colourful new home screen, you’ll now see slight blurred hints of the colours that are lying underneath that ‘pane.’

photo 1

Think of it like a frosted window. It’s a really nice touch.

Now split up into three different views, the new iOS Notification Center will first and foremost show you the current day, along with the written date. This is great if you just need to check what day it is. If you have an upcoming event close to the time you check Notification Center, this will also be shown – along with the time remaining before this event begins.


Underneath this, providing you’ve activated “Location Services”, you’ll now also find a short summary of today’s weather conditions, based on your current location.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 18.18.24

This weather summary consists of showing you a brief expected forecast, such as; “Mostly cloudy currently,” or “Rain expected,” along with a forecast for the evening, such as: “Showers tonight” or “Fine this evening,” and the expected “low” for the day.


Those who like to follow the markets will be pleased to here that the previous scrolling ticker is now gone and has been replaced with a better and more consistent overview of your chosen ticker symbols.

photo 2

Tapping the coloured stock indicators next to each ticker symbol will see you able to switch between change compared to last close, and market capitalisation — and tapping a ticker symbol will see Notification Center now throw you into the new stocks application, (which we’ll cover a little later).

Tomorrow’s Events


Scrolling past stocks will also see Notification Center list the events you have coming up on your calendar for tomorrow, giving you an overview of what you need to do, where you need to be, or who you have to meet in the next 24-hours.

Of course, we haven’t even touched on third-party app notifications. These presumably live in the “All” and “Missed” views at the top of Notification Center, however we’re yet to get these working in iOS 7 (Beta 1).

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