TNW: Ive (Probably) Didn’t Design The Default Icons You See In iOS 7

TNW: Ive (Probably) Didn’t Design The Default Icons You See In iOS 7

In an exclusive report, The Next Web is claiming that “sources” it has spoken with have confirmed that the version of iOS 7 unveiled by Apple on Monday is a ‘work in progress,’ adding that – (despite wide belief that he did)Jonathan Ive was not responsible for the design of the stock icons you see on the default iOS 7 homescreen.

“First of all, many of the new icons were primarily designed by members of Apple’s marketing and communications department, not the app design teams,” the report reads. “From what we’ve heard, SVP of Design Jony Ive (also now Apple’s head of Human Interaction) brought the print and web marketing design team in to set the look and color palette of the stock app icons.”

“They then handed those off to the app design teams who did their own work on the ‘interiors’, with those palettes as a guide,” the report continues.

If accurate, this could indicate that the homescreen icons Apple showed off as part of the software’s first initial ‘beta’ earlier this week, may not be set in stone (yet). In fact, these icons may actually be visual placeholders for what is to come in the future.

Benjamin sums it up best, we think, by pointing out that the default Newsstand icon included in iOS 7 (Beta 1) actually has text on its official icon. Text that will likely no doubt have to be localised into all the different languages iOS is available for, if Apple were to run with this as final.

In other words: There’s a lot more change to come.