Cirque Du Soleil’s New Las Vegas Show: ‘Michael Jackson ONE.’ Tickets Now Available.

Cirque Du Soleil’s New Las Vegas Show: ‘Michael Jackson ONE.’ Tickets Now Available. has just announced that it has now begun offering tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s newest creation, ‘Michael Jackson ONE.’

Based in Montreal, Canada, the entertainment company is considered one of the best and most professional in its field, providing audiences all over the world with awe-inspiring evenings filled with a dramatic mix of both circus arts and street entertainment.

“Michael Jackson ONE,” Cirque Du Soleil’s next show they’re taking on the road, has been designed specifically for the Mandalay Bay Theatre by director Jamie King, who was consequentially also the mastermind behind Michael’s sell-out show: “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.”

“The production is an entirely fresh creation, developed in consultation with the Michael Jackson estate,” the announcement reads, “and [is] committed to honoring the artist’s legacy by staying true to Jackson’s spirit as a performer and a person.”


(Credit: The Times)

“Because innovation was an integral part of Jackson’s character and motivation, “ONE” was conceived as an original work of art as well as a tribute to the King of Pop.

The show’s title represents its namesake’s nature as a multifaceted person and performer who sought to bring many styles of music together and simultaneously encapsulates Jackson’s vision for unity and equality for humankind.”

Ticket for the show are now available starting at $108.96 (ea). For more information on the show and how to book tickets for you (or a friend), see the official Cirque Du Soleil app.

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