This iOS 7 Homescreen Needs To Happen – [REDESIGN]

This iOS 7 Homescreen Needs To Happen – [REDESIGN]

In response to Apple’s radical redesign of the homescreen in iOS 7, UI designer Doney den Ouden has put forward some visual tweaks which could not only make iOS 7‘s homescreen layout look better, but tweaks which could really make iOS 7 look closer to a finished product.


Redesign (Left), iOS 7 Beta 1 (Right) – Click for full

“Everything has been redrawn from scratch, having put attention to every little detail,” Ouden writes, “The result is a much clearer, professional looking interface with icons that jump out.”

Ouden points out that the redesign results in the “signal strength indicator” and “battery icon” becoming clearer, too — “I reduced the blur in the dock, and I’ve added a badge in the status bar indicating the amount of unread notifications in Notification Center; a feature I’ve wanted forever,” he continues.

I have to say, this is pretty much exactly what I originally had in mind when I said that Apple should further work on the design of the homescreen layout included with the upcoming update.

Each icon is both visible and now just “pops,” and – as an added bonus – both the iTunes Store and App Store icons now better resonate thanks to Ouden recognizing and bringing those outer rings in a little. The ‘Newsstand’ icon could still do with a little work in my opinion, though, given it still features text (which will no doubt have to be localized for other languages).

Ouden also offers up some visual redesigns for iOS Control Center, Maps, Calendar, the App Store, and Settings – better bringing them in-line with iOS 7‘s new visual aesthetic. You can check them all out now over at his personal blog,

Granted, the chances of Apple taking on-board some of the subtle design changes you see above are slim. However, with the company seemingly having started experimenting with other layouts and colour palettes, it’s probably fair to say that the stock icons seen in iOS 7 (Beta 1) are not considered the finished product.

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/ Concept Credit: Doney den Ouden

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