Logitech Preparing To Launch iOS 7 Gamepad Accessory? – [RUMOR, UPDATED]

Logitech Preparing To Launch iOS 7 Gamepad Accessory? – [RUMOR, UPDATED]

Engadget shares tonight a reported image of (what appears to be) a Logitech-branded iOS gamepad. Presumably designed for Apple’s iPhone 5, from what we can see the accessory has a middle cut-out just big enough for the mobile device to connect to the controller’s physical “D-pad” in landscape orientation.


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According to Kotaku – the first site to publish and report the image – the pictured accessory could arrive as just the first in a long line of iOS 7-supported gamepad accessories hoping to take full advantage of Apple’s complete redesign of Game Center.

Just last week, you may remember we reported that Apple itself might be looking to develop official iOS 7 game controllers. The revelation was first revealed via an accessible document on Apple’s developer portal, entitled “About Game Controllers.”


Diagrams found in Apple’s “About Game Controllers” document

The document reads that “game controllers [would] provide new ways for players to control [games on iOS],” and that Apple has already “designed specifications for hardware controllers to ensure that all of the controllers have consistent sets of control elements that both players and game designers can rely on.”

UPDATE: Session Video Snap

Reader @MooseWild has kindly shared the above iOS game controller render, reportedly spotted in one of Apple’s developer session videos from WWDC 2013.

Looks super similar, right?

/ Kotaku