‘SessionBand’ – Create Professional-Quality Backing Tracks On iPhone, iPod touch Or iPad

‘SessionBand’ – Create Professional-Quality Backing Tracks On iPhone, iPod touch Or iPad

Endorsed by the likes of Jamie Cullum as being “an extraordinarily useful tool” for both jazz, and other musicians, of any ability, UK Music Apps has this week released a set of new apps designed for iOS which aim to allow you to create professional-sounding backing tracks on-the-fly.

According to the developer’s website:

SessionBand is the revolutionary new music app [... that] lets you create pro-quality music in minutes… wherever you are and whatever your level of ability.”

SessionBand is unique. It’s the worlds only chord-based audio loop app. It’s powered by over 80,000 precision-cut musical audio loops covering 71 musical styles…and they’re all chord-based! – Think about that. It means you can quickly create a track in your favourite genre (using any chords in any key) and then instantly ‘flip’ it to another style. Hear your R&B track in Reggae, your Tech Trance as Texas Blues or your Deep House as Dubstep.”

There are 3 new releases in the series: Jazz, Piano and Acoustic Guitar. Each app in the series comes packed with extra chord variety and new features, such as “one-touch recording,” “automated mixing,” and “auto-transpose.”


SessionBand – Piano Edition: Stretching and shrinking loops in ‘Edit’ mode

Even better? – All the apps included in the series are Audiobus-compatible, too. For those yet to come across Audiobus, the app acts as an inter-app audio routing system and has been designed so that you can plug-in different available music-creation apps, as if they were physical input devices – just like virtual cables.

Here’s a list of features you can expect with each version.

Main Features

- Instant one-touch recording
- Both live and automated mixing
- Auto-transpose (not electronic pitch-shift!)
- Metronome and count-in
- Background audio
- A range of instant share/export options
- Real-time tempo adjust
- Audiobus compatible: Allowing seamless content copy to other leading apps

You’ll also get some really cool audio loops from these guys:

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 23.51.18

“Each of our 3 new releases comes fully-loaded with thousands of precision-cut audio loops, individually recorded by some of the world’s best musicians exclusively for SessionBand.”

Designed to give you all the pro tools you need in order to create your own genre-specific backing tracks whilst on-the-move, dependent on your musical needs SessionBand will run you anywhere between $5.99-$8.99 (per app).

Each edition of SessionBand (Jazz, Piano and Acoustic Guitar) also supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, universally.

Version: 1.1
app info

Version: 1.1
app info

Version: 1.1
app info