Deals: The Official ‘World War Z’ Game Drops To $0.99 (For One Week Only!)

Deals: The Official ‘World War Z’ Game Drops To $0.99 (For One Week Only!)

In celebration of its theatrical release this Friday, Paramount Digital Entertainment has tonight slashed the official movie game of zombie flick – World War Z – down from its usual asking price. Usually $4.99, the game is (for a limited-time) now available for download for just $0.99!


Get dropped into the middle of the World War Z chaos!

Featuring 28 visceral levels, intense combat, engaging puzzles, upgradable weapons and armor, and unlimited challenge mode. The World War Z game challenges you to do one thing: play to survive. In a race against time, you’ll travel the world to rescue your loved ones in the midst of the deadly Zombie pandemic.


What To Expect

- Action-packed story-based game
- Choose between different control schemes to suite your play style
- Over a dozen upgradeable weapons
- Listen to radio broadcasts and answering machines and read emails of other survivors
- Replayable challenge mode
- Chilling tense atmosphere
- Multiple forms of combat including hand-to-hand and ranged shooting
- Hordes of brain-dead Zombies!

World War Z hits theaters worldwide on June 21.

Version: 1.7
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