“Exbel” – Craft Your Next Photo From Natural Textures & Elements

“Exbel” – Craft Your Next Photo From Natural Textures & Elements

Claiming to be the only application that “simulates how to integrate images using [different real-world] elements,” Exbel is a new app by indie developer, Yaser Almajed, which – in its own little way – is aiming to turn mobile photo-editing completely on its head, by allowing users to use the textures seen on real-world objects to create a truly unique take on their photos.


Designed specifically for use with Apple’s iPhone, the new app works by having the user complete three simple steps.

1. Masking
During this first stage the app will allow you to select from a number of built-in manual photo ‘masks’ ranging from all types of textures we see in our world today, or alternatively you can choose to buy more masks using what Almajed refers to as the “magic key.”

2. Blending
As soon as you’ve sorted out which mask you wish to use, Exbel will then allow you to add another photo from either its own in-built library, or alternately you can choose a photos which exists in your Camera roll or iPhone photo library, allowing you to blend them with the original picture chosen.

3. Tones
The final step in the process involves choosing and adding tones which could enhance your ‘merged’ photo. Almajed notes that for your $0.99 download you’ll get access to 15 tree textures which can be combined with your chosen photo(s), alongside 15 different tones to give your work “a unique effect.”


Once you’re finished, you can even share your newly created photo with those you love and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Although some could argue that there are other offerings on the App Store which may feature more ‘advanced’ photo-editing tools, Exbel is a unique app that aims to provide both an innovative and special feel to the photos you take — and, (in our opinion), is well worth a look for $0.99.

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Version: 1.22
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