Apple: 93% Of Customers Are Using iOS 6 – [CHART]

Apple: 93% Of Customers Are Using iOS 6 – [CHART]

Showing just how non-existent “fragmentation” is on the iOS platform, Apple has this week published a chart visually breaking down what percentage of users are running iOS 6, compared to earlier versions of its mobile OS.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 14.44.35

Accessible through its Developer Portal, the chart uses data taken over just a two-week period (ending June 3, 2013) and – perhaps astonishingly – reveals that 93% of the company’s customers who own either an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, are currently running the latest available mobile operating system – iOS 6 – while those rocking older versions of the OS reflect just 7% (combined).

Now, compare this to Android OS over a similar fortnightly period — and as you can see, there’s a huge difference. Android OS is fragmented to hell. Even worse?37.4% of Android users are still chugging along on Google’s mobile OS thrice-removed. Ouch.

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/ Engadget