Purported Photo Of Next-Generation iPhone Internals Shows Little Change – [PHOTO]

Purported Photo Of Next-Generation iPhone Internals Shows Little Change – [PHOTO]

MacRumors is making headlines this afternoon for publishing two photos which (it claims) show the components and back-facing plate of Apple’s next-generation iPhone. Looking exactly like the iPhone 5, the set of photos are claimed to reveal a “redesigned” logic board, (the same one part manufacturer Moumantai posted last week), alongside a number of other minor changes.

Citing that the logic board in the picture below appears to be an “exact match” to the one we saw reportedly leaked just last week, the site continues, adding that the processor chip in the pictured device is “interestingly not labeled” with Apple’s signature ‘A’-series marker, perhaps suggesting that the chip was only just manufactured and has not yet gone to print.


In addition, the site claims that the serial number on this chip can be made out as “1243.” Using prior knowledge of how Apple marks these chips, (and iPhone models in general production), it says that this would translate into the device possibly having been manufactured in the 43rd week of 2012.


As for the rear of the device, (pictured above), the site says that the back plate appears to show a “vertical pill-shaped window for the LED flash as opposed to a round [one],” (personally, we think this ‘pill’ shape is more of a symptom of blurring), although to back up its claims it also notes that a similar pill-shaped flash window was shown on case maker’s design drawings that also leaked, earlier this week.

Apple is currently expected to debut its next-generation iPhone sometime in the September-November timeframe. It is so far unclear what features the device may have in store for users, but it is widely expected that the smartphone may carry some form of ‘fingerprint’ authentication system, ridding the need for manual password input.