Rdio Gets ‘Song Stations’ And ‘Auto Play’ In Latest Update

Rdio Gets ‘Song Stations’ And ‘Auto Play’ In Latest Update

Music fans will be pleased to hear that subscription-based streaming service, Rdio, is updating its official offering for iOS – this week. The new update will see listeners of the service now able to create ‘Song Stations’ based on the playlists from a single artist, as well as have their music ‘auto played’ for them when the current track (or queue) they’re listening to ends.

With ‘Song Stations’ you can now start a station based on any song you’re currently listening to, in order to hear more from that artist (and other artists which may be related). The feature arrives with the ability to see the next four tracks which are coming up in this new station queue, and – if you perhaps don’t like what you’re hearing – you can, of course, “skip” until you find something that you do.

In addition, the jump to version 2.2.1 has seen the mobile music client (finally) also gain the ability to “Auto Play” your music. Previous to today’s update, after the track you were currently listening to had ended, you would be left in limbo — a sea of “nothingness,” tasked with the decision of what to play next in order to continue that vibe you had going.


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With this new update, however, after the music or queue you’re playing has ended — recognising this fact, Rdio can begin playing an almost endless stream of music that you’ve recently listened to — allowing you to continue your listening experience without dropping a beat.

Rdio is a FREE download from the iTunes App Store, and now supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPaduniversally.

Version: 2.5.8
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