Promo: Get Brad Pitt Movies For $9.99 In HD – (Limited Time)

Promo: Get Brad Pitt Movies For $9.99 In HD – (Limited Time)

Fans of Hollywood actor and Golden Globe winner, Brad Pitt, may be pleased to learn that Apple is currently running an iTunes promotion on 25 of the 49-year old‘s best and most-loved movie titles, which is seeing the company offer each movie for the insanely awesome price of $9.99.

Each movie title included in the promotion is available in true 720p High-Definition quality, and marks a saving of roughly $5-6 compared to Apple’s normal price per movie.


Brad Pitt – (credit: U.S Magazine)

From Ingorious Basterds to The Assassination of Jesse James, Se7en, Troy, Ocean’s Eleven, (and more) — all of the movies starring Pitt and included in the limited-time promotion can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 23.46.39

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Go to iTunes to browse Brad Pitt Movies for $9.99 in HD.

Note: This is a U.S-only promotion. You will require a iTunes U.S account in order to take part in the offer.