Dick Tracy: Meet, KREYOS Meteor. The Only Smartwatch With Voice & Gesture Control  – [VIDEO]

Dick Tracy: Meet, KREYOS Meteor. The Only Smartwatch With Voice & Gesture Control – [VIDEO]

There’s another smartwatch making some serious headlines, this week.

It’s called the KREYOS Meteor — and it claims to be the world’s first, interactive smartwatch that lets you use both your voice, and waving gestures, to control the functions you love on your smartphone – right from your wrist.

Everything you need to know about the KREYOS is after the fold.

Compatible with Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices, the KREYOS Meteor is a hands-free, two-way communication system that you wear on your wrist. You can also, if your prefer, wear the smartwatch on your belt, your bike, or even on a lanyard around your neck. Why? – because the KREYOS Meteor is detachable from its colourful wristband.

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“Since the first time Captain Kirk spoke into his ‘communicator,’ people have dreamed of using their voice to control communications,” the company writes on the project’s official campaign page. “As the only waterproof, interactive smartwatch to feature a microphone and speaker, the KREYOS Meteor is the first to allow you to control your smartphone – and your smartphone functions – remotely using voice commands.

Voice & Motion

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Unlike other offerings such as the Pebble, (which sadly don’t have an in-built microphone), linking the KREYOS Meteor to your smartphone’s voice command system(such as Siri) – will see you able you to control your smartphone without even taking it out of your pocket, for things like: answering phone calls, receive and replying to notifications, changing music, calling friends, (and more) — all with just your voice.

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While talking to your watch makes communication easy, (and granted, it’s a really cool addition to have), the company notes that it also wanted to develop a way for more fine-grain control of actions on KREYOS Meteor. That’s why you’ll find they’ve added motion control right into the Kreyos operating system. Using a 3-axis gyroscope, controlling your KREYOS Meteor Smartwatch is as easy as “moving your hand.”


“In the Meteor, four different wrist motions come preconfigured – and you can pick an action to correspond to specific activities. In the future, we’ll be adding a variety of additional motions to the Kreyos platform, enabling you to expand the motions in your repertoire. And developers also will have the freedom to build additional gestures into applications.”

Because of its hands-free functionality, the KREYOS Meteor, the firm notes, gives you more freedom to “move around your world” – without “losing contact with your social, business and family networks.”

Cloud Connected

But the KREYOS Meteor isn’t just good for checking in on your personal social network and staying in touch with friends and family. Because, in addition to being able to use the KREYOS Meteor to keep up-to-date on your social life right from your wrist, KREYOS is also usable without a connection to your smartphone.

For those using an iPhone, Windows 8 or an Android device, the KREYOS Meteor has the ability to store and then sync your fitness and activity data to the Cloud when your KREYOS Meteor and smarpthone are reunited.

In the event you physically lose your smartphone, or leave it behind by accident, the KREYOS Meteor can even help you find it by providing prompts which will eventually help you locate the handset.


Your Watch. Your Watchface.

By default, the KREYOS Meteor includes more than 20 digital and analog watch faces. The company says that you can change the look and feel of your watch “whenever you feel like it.” Those 20 pre-installed watch faces are, (of course), just the beginning — and the firm highlights that there’ll be a lot more where those came from – in the future.


From the ‘sketches’ shared above you can kind of see where the team originally got their concept ideas for the watch faces you see to the right. I think they’re pretty rad, personally.

Accessories Galore.

Perhaps most interestingly, though, is KREYOS Meteor ability to detach from being an insert for wrist-top notifications, and almost instantly transform itself into an accessory fit for your belt, running gear, bike, (and more)

“No two humans are alike. So why should everyone have to wear their smartwatch on their wrist?” the company writes. “That’s why we created a series of watchbands and accessories designed to fit your lifestyle.”

“All of our [KREYOS Meteor] watchbands and accessories are designed using high-grade, durable silicone. As a result, they are waterproof, flexible and fun to wear – whether you’re a couch potato, a fashionista, or a professional athlete!”


This season, the company says that it will offer both its watchbands and accessories in a series of “hot” colors for the KREYOS Meteor, perfect for those who are conscious of the fashion scene.

The first of the KREYOS Meteor accessories is the BeltClip. Removing the KREYOS from its wristband will see you left with a ‘pebble’-sized device that is then free to slot into any flexible accessory you choose to place it in.

The BeltClip is described as making sure your KREYOS Meteor says put — “no matter what.” Suitable for a shirt pocket, side of a summer waistcoat, top, or pullover, the belt clip will allow you to use the KREYOS Meteor hands-free, while ensuring its safety.


If you need a little more flexibility on where and how you use your KREYOS Meteor, the company is also offering a colored Lanyard option.


This option has largely been designed for those who like to run and stay active, while making sure that they have quick and easy access to keep up with the latest fitness and activity stats, on-the-go. Just as with the KREYOS Meteor Belt Clip (above), the KREYOS Meteor Lanyard comes in 5 different color varieties.


Of course, if you’re just looking to use KREYOS Meteor as a smartwatch – (after all, it’s what it was primarily designed for) – the included ‘Wristband’ accessory is probably for you. Citing that if you love wearing wristbands, you’ll “love” wearing theirs — the KREYOS Meteor Wristband is described as an easy pop-in, pop-out accessory that features wide slots and a modern clasp. It’s “easy to remove – and even easier to put on!” the project’s creators explain.


Suited for both men and women-sized wrists thanks to the company taking careful thought regarding how the KREYOS Meteor‘s Wristband will actually sit on your wrist when it arrives, the company says that the new smartwatch “frees you up to do the things you need to do” – without worrying about dropping or losing your smartphone, giving you the “freedom to communicate” – via voice, text, or email – “even when holding a phone or tablet.”


As if that wasn’t enough, KREYOS Meteor is also good for your fitness routine.

“Whatever your sport, the KREYOS Meteor will work for you. Ever try and ride a horse with a smartphone? Or race a dirt bike across country without breaking that expensive glass screen on your smartphone? How about swimming in the ocean?”


Supporting the tracking of your runs, in addition to being able to record your distance, metrics and grade of that last bike ride, KREYOS Meteor will also arrive “Waterproof” — although the actual ATMs in regards to this claim of ‘waterproofness’ is yet to be announced.


- Ultra Low Power MCU
– Ultra Low Power 1.26 Inch Memory LCD Screen 144 x 168 pixel
– 4 Waterproof Buttons
– Vibrating motor
– Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0 (Low Energy)
– 3-Axis Gyrometer
– 3-Axis Accelerometer
– Water Resistant Mini Speaker
– Water Resistant MEMS Microphone with HIGH SNR and Flat Wide Band frequency response
– Water resistant – Good for swimming and shower (ATMs: TBD)
– 150 mah Lithium Rechargeable Battery (7 days battery life)
– USB Interface for Charging and Watch OS Update

Yours From $100 + Shipping

I know what you’re wondering: How much will this slice of the future cost me?


Well, already funded to the tune of $114,214 after just 24-hours, (and with 45 days to go before its crowd-funding run ends), for a limited time only you can place your pledge for a KREYOS Meteor in any colour you want – starting at $100.

There are only 1,000 rewards available at this ‘Special Early Adopter’ pledge level, and – (as of writing)464 of those have been accounted for. Shipping of the KREYOS Meteor Smartwatch to residents inside the U.S is FREE, with Canadian backers wanting to add $10 to their initial pledge amount, and international backers wanting to add $15 to their original pledge amount.

As for delivery? – The project’s creators are currently targeting an estimated delivery timeframe of the end of November 2013 (just in time for Christmas). If you do manage to make it into the ‘Special Early Adopter’ band, you’ll also be saving yourself $69-off KREYOS Meteor‘s final MSRP of $169.

Head over to Indiegogo to claim your KREYOS Meteor Smartwatch, today!