Labyrinth Puzzler ‘Dark Nebula’ Just Went HD! – Now Supports Both iPhone 5 and iPad

Labyrinth Puzzler ‘Dark Nebula’ Just Went HD! – Now Supports Both iPhone 5 and iPad

One of the first-ever games I personally reviewed on Apple’s iOS platform is, (to my delight), updating this week with “HD” support for both the iPhone 5 and iPad.

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In my original review of Dark Nebula: Episode 1 over on 148Apps, I wrote:

“With realistic sound effects and immersive environments, Dark Nebula: Episode 1 evolves the user, bringing challenge and fast paced action to the iPhone. Having fully completed all 10 levels of the game, I can honestly say that while the game was short in length, actually playing it was a joy. I really couldn’t find a fault with this game. In fact, I still find myself wanting to play it, again. And, again. And again. I put this down to the star awards, and wanting to complete each of the 10 levels to a ‘Gold Star’ standard. It somehow adds re-playability to the title.”

I can only begin to imagine how long it has taken the developers behind the game to update each and every visual asset for use with Apple’s “Retina” display. Complete with the original 11 levels now in “super crisp quality,” Dark Nebula: Episode 1 HD also includes 12 new extra levels which have never been released before.

You can watch the original (non-HD) version of the game in-action on Apple’s iPhone 3GS (below). Since I last took a proper look at Dark Nebula the studio behind the series has released Dark Nebula: Episode 2, although (sadly) this isn’t available in “HD” – just yet.

To celebrate the fact that the title is finally available for download on the App Store, Free Lunch Design is for a limited time offering Dark Nebula: Episode 1 HD at 50%-off its usual price.

Get Dark Nebula: Episode 1 HD on the App Store, today!

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