Don’t Miss This: Virtual Wallet ‘Card Mate Pro’ – (Was $1.99, Now FREE)

Don’t Miss This: Virtual Wallet ‘Card Mate Pro’ – (Was $1.99, Now FREE)

Taking part in the third-party “AppsGoneFree” app promotion, the professional and “paid” version of Qiwen Zhang’s Card Mate has this evening dropped from its regular price of $1.99, becoming FREE for (what we presume will be) a very limited time.

In short, Card Mate Pro is a secure card manager that runs on your iPhone and gives you access to all your bank card, ID card, and membership card details, without you having to carry a bulky wallet around with you wherever you happen to go.

Featuring the ability to auto-scan and save your card images via the iPhone‘s own camera, using Card Mate Pro Zhang says that you can store “plenty of addition information” with these card images.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 23.20.54

Scanning a dummy Visa card with Card Mate Pro

“[The] scan card process is very simple and quick. Card Mate can store your Credit Cards, Bank Cards, ID Cards, and any other type of cards.”

According to the app’s description, all your cards images and information are encrypted using an “industrial-strength encryption” algorithm, and saved in the local storage available on your iOS device. What this means, is that, there is literally no server involved in the whole process of saving the information relating to your cards. It’s all processed natively on your device, meaning you can rest assured that your cards and information will not be uploaded or sent anywhere.

If you’re the security-concious type, you can set an “access password” to protect all of your information. Once this is set, Zhang says that “nobody can see or access your cards without this password.” Support both “Dot”-lock and “Pin” entry is present, and you can even choose to use the more secure “pattern lock” or 4-digit password options – if you prefer.

Aiming to give you a place where you can store all your information both conveniently and easily, with access to your card information available at “anytime,” Card Mate Pro supports both iPhone and iPod touch, natively – and is now FREE for a limited time.

Version: 2.2.1
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