KREYOS Shares First Details On Its iPhone App, Confirms Smartwatch Functions Without Smartphone Connection

KREYOS Shares First Details On Its iPhone App, Confirms Smartwatch Functions Without Smartphone Connection

In a new update to their social funding campaign, the team behind the Siri-controlled, Bluetooth-enabled KREYOS Meteor Smartwatch have begun to share the very first details regarding how their official iPhone client may eventually work.

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Setting up a Support Community for the over 2,000 people who have already contributed towards the project, the company describes their iPhone app as “basically [a] remote control [for] the watch.”

While the app doesn’t yet appear to be available for download on the App Store — (which could raise concern for its eventual acceptance) — the firm has tonight confirmed that using the app users will be able to; check the latest activity data synced from their watch, alongside being able to set daily “activity goals,” set the “gesture controls” that they may wish to use to control their actions while using the KREYOS Meteor, and (of course) upload “new watch faces.”


The Official KREYOS iPhone App

Perhaps one of the most asked questions on the support forums, the company has tonight also addressed user confusion surrounding whether or not the smart watch can (or will) be able to function without a connection to a smartphone, by adding that KREYOS Meteor can “keep time” — even when “disconnected from your phone.”

As for the functions of the smartwatch itself, KREYOS says that KREYOS Meteor has inbuilt “widgets” that come included with the package, so you “won’t have to mess with downloading [or] programming [of] any sort.”

Some of KREYOS Meteor‘s built-in functions, include:

- Daily Activity Tracker
- Calendar
- Countdown Timer
- Sports Mode – Walking, Running & Cycling
- Multi World Clock
- Analog Display
- Digital Display
- Multi Alarm

The company notes that all of the above work independently, without a connection to your smartphone — with the exception of “Sports Mode,” which it says may require a connection to grab your current ‘speed.’

“The watch has a built-in accelerometer. Daily activity ‘widgets’ [are] built into the watch, so it tracks your steps, floor climbs, calories and distance taken everyday. You will be able to sync them [to the KREYOS Meteor app].”

Again, the firm says that these actions also operate “standalone,” and work totally fine without having your smartphone with you. “It automatically syncs the data to your app when its near the smartphone,” KREYOS adds.

You can read the full announcement for yourself over at Indiegogo. As of writing, the ‘$100 Early Adopter’s Special’ that we told you about earlier this week, has (sadly) now “Sold Out.”

But, fear not. You can pledge for the KREYOS Meteor Smartwatch – today, starting at $110 (plus shipping). Delivery of the smartwatch to those who choose to back the project is currently expected for the end of November, this year.