Deals: Classic Arcade Racer ‘VS. Racing 2’ Goes FREE (Limited Time)

Deals: Classic Arcade Racer ‘VS. Racing 2’ Goes FREE (Limited Time)

The same guys behind that newly-updated version of Dark Nebula are this afternoon dropping the price of their arcade racer, VS. Racing 2, to FREE.

Currently sitting in the ‘Top Charts’ for the U.S, UK, Japan, France, Canada and Australia, and having previously won the title of ‘Best Mobile Racing Game 2012’ at the ‘Rocket & Raygun’ awards, VS. Racing 2 is played in “Massive Campaign” mode, where you’ll find 72 tracks and 6 cars with unique handling and available upgrades, all ready for pimping out to your specification.

With the ability to race up to 5 of your friends using local multiplayer, VS. Racing 2 also features a “ghost-race” setting – which will see you able to race a track and then challenge your friend over the internet, without the need to have to physically replay them at the time they are challenged.

Complete with network engineering managed and created by Peter Björklund, (the exact same developer behind the network engine for Battlefield: Modern Combat), VS. Racing 2 is good for playing on either your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, weighs-in at a respectable 35.9 MB – and is FREE for a limited time.

Get your FREE copy of VS. Racing 2.

Version: 1.6.0
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