Google Voice Client ‘GV Mobile’ Returns To The App Store, (Grab It While You Can!)

GV Mobile is (again) available for download on the iTunes App Store. The app just showed up under developer SK Dev Solutions, LLC, and claims to be the “original full featured Google Voice client, satisfying customers since 2009.”

Developed by Sean Kovacs, the application was originally pulled from the App Store at the end of 2010, due to “duplicating features that the iPhone comes with (Dialer, SMS, etc).”

The original app, GV Mobile, had to be renamed to GV Mobile + because Sean Kovacs, (the developer), deleted it once it was removed from the App Store, and wasn’t able to reclaim the name. That means that even if you owned ‘GV Mobile’ you’ll still have to pay for GV Mobile +, unfortunately.

Available at its special “launch price” of $2.99 for a limited time, GV Mobile + 3 claims to offer absolutely FREE calling and texting to any phone number in the US and Canada, with no hidden costs.

It is so far unclear how long the app will be allowed to remain on the store for.

Version: 3.1.2
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