Finding Movies & TV Shows On Netflix Is About To Get A Whole Lot More “Conversational” – [VIDEO]

Finding Movies & TV Shows On Netflix Is About To Get A Whole Lot More “Conversational” – [VIDEO]

We’re entering a new era where information, (and our response to it), is expected to be instant. Specifically, we expect the ‘things’ we search for to be shown in an increasingly efficient and timely manner.

But, this expectation really goes much deeper. The expectation of the internet-born generation isn’t just based on the “information” that is returned, or even how quickly it is returned. No – instead, we now expect the resulting information from our initial search to be ‘relevant’ to what we were originally searching for.

While content-streaming service Netflix probably doesn’t have any plans to enter the search business (just yet) — a consequential business oppurtunity made from this user expectation, and currently controlled and managed by Google — the company has this weekend unveiled “Max,” a personal assistant which claims to be able to find the Movies or TV Shows you want to watch, in just “120-seconds-ish.”

According to the announcement:

“Today we started rolling out Max, a new experience on PlayStation 3 that helps you find something great to watch in a fun, conversational way. You’ll find Max on the third or fourth row of the main Netflix screen on your PS3, where Max beckons you to enter his world with one of his many funny call outs. Click on the row and you’ll engage Max’s services.”


There are two main ways the assistant will help you choose what to watch:

1. Sometimes, when Max feels particularly confident, he will offer a fun, personalized suggestion after asking only one simple question. Here Max asks you to pick between two highly specific genres that are personalized and use the very detailed tags we have on all of the shows and movies that are available on Netflix.

2. Other times, when intoxicated by past success, Max will get a little cocky and offer a suggestion right away, no questions required. The catch…this is a mystery suggestion and you’ll just have to press play and trust him.

Netflix says that Max has been designed to “[ask] a few questions about your mood or movie and TV show tastes to arrive at a suggestion,” all the while taking advantage of the Netflix algorithms that “predict what you’d enjoy watching.”

‘One of the experiences Max offers is called the “ratings game,” where you pick a genre to fit your mood and then rate a few titles on the familiar Netflix five star scale,’ the announcement continues.

Expected to arrive for movie fans running on Apple’s iOS platform in the coming months, you can see Max in-action for the first time in this short PS3 demo video the firm just released.

There’s just one caveat. “Max” will only be available to Netflix U.S. members for the time being. “If Max performs at the level he promises, we’ll expand his repertoire and make him available on other devices in the future, likely the iPad next,” the company says.

Read the full announcement today – at The Netflix Blog.

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