Apple Files For “iWatch” Trademark In Japan

Apple Files For “iWatch” Trademark In Japan

Just days before Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, a number of reported trademark filings surfaced which appeared to describe an Apple-branded ‘wrist device.’ The filings were said to have been filed with the respective trademark authorities in both Jamaica and Russia.

Following those two trademark filings, (and adding to the speculation which suggests that Apple may be working on a wrist computer), Bloomberg reports that Apple has now filed for the device in Japan, too.


One of Apple’s largest and emerging markets, we went in search of the filing on the official Japan Patent and Trademark Office website – and we found it. The trademark is split into two filings, the first is trademark ‘No.2013-006172’ and covers a “handheld computer,” and the second falls under Japan trademark ‘No.2013-016972’ and specifically covers a “watch device.”

No further details on the filings are available publicly.

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