Don’t Miss This: iOS Video Editor ‘Videon’ Goes FREE (Limited Time Only)

Don’t Miss This: iOS Video Editor ‘Videon’ Goes FREE (Limited Time Only)

Citing that it has combined its previous knowledge of ‘cinematography,’ with advice it has received from industry professionals over the last several years, Lucky Clan claims to have created the “most extensive” video app available with Videon.

With an intuitive interface and easy-to-understand controls, Videon contains all the features necessary to record great videos.

“Realtime Zoom” – for example, will allow those with either an iPhone 4S, or iPod Touch 5th Generation (or later) to control the ‘zoom’ of their videos with complete accuracy, thanks to Videon‘s intuitive “wheel”-based interface, while the app’s various different color filters will allow you to add that extra bit of “pizazz.”

Videon features 11 different effects to choose from. These include: Exposure, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Vibrance, Temperature, Highlights, Shadows, Sepia, Black & White and Invert.


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For those who like to know the quality of the videos they take, Videon also supports different resolutions, including Full HD and 2.35:1 cinema format, while Videon‘s approach to “adjustable” frame rates will see you able to set either a fixed rate per frame, limit your frame rate, or choose between the app’s framerate presets, which run from 24 to 30 FPS.

“Video Stabilization” will ensure that your videos look stable, and – if you feel that you need to take a break from shooting your video for a moment – the ability to pause the current recording is available to those rocking Apple’s iPhone 4S or iPod Touch 5th Generation (or later).

One of the really nice features about Videon is that the app allows you to take a photo whilst video recording, and if you need to shed some more light on the subject, Videon‘s “Set Focus” and “Exposure” features will allow you to set each point together (or separately). Resetting your shot’s exposure is as simple as double-tapping the screen.

Just as you would find with Apple’s own stock Camera app, “Lock Focus” and “Exposure” features via a quick tap-and-hold gesture are also available, with Videon featuring an “Audio Meter” allowing you to keep track of just how loud the surrounding sounds and background noises are whilst shooting your video.

Once you’re done, you can save your finished video to either your iPhone‘s ‘Camera Roll,’ or alternatively, save your project to what the app calls “App Documents.”

Other Features

Here’s some other features you can expect:

- Detailed video information
- Fullscreen mode
- Marked new videos (for videos not older that 7 days)
- Delete
- Save To Camera Roll
- Import from Camera Roll
- Reducing effects: Quality, Resize – with displaying final file size
- Speed effects: Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Reverse – with full or “letters” Audio processing
- Other effects: Sharpen, Straighten, Mute
- Realtime Preview of applied effects even in video is playing!
- Trim – with timeline zoom (tap and hold to zoom)
- Split video to 2 or more parts
- Merging videos

Videon is now FREE (for a limited time).

Version: 2.30
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