Don’t Miss This: Resume Designer – (Was $3.99, Now $0.99)

Don’t Miss This: Resume Designer – (Was $3.99, Now $0.99)

Starting off the working week with a bang, independent developer Mostafa Ashour is this Monday dropping his new app – Resume Designer – down from its regular price of $3.99, seeing the CV-making app become available as a $0.99 download (for a limited time).

Searching and eventually applying for a job in this climate can be hard enough, without you also having to spend most of your time and effort reliant on word-processing packages, (and your knowledge of word-processing layouts), to create that professional-looking CV or resumé.

Resume Designer, aims to give you a second choice to designing the first written impression that you can be proud of — providing all the tools you’ll need to create an “elegant” and “professional”-looking resumé “in a matter of minutes.”

Designed especially for iPhone, to use Resume Designer you simply have to tell it who you are by entering your details. For example: your full name, address information, current e-mail, and telephone number. Once this is complete, Resume Designer can then begin to build your CV, making sure that it offers you multiple professional resumé styles, and uses the information you just provided, to craft the perfect resumé.

The app integrates with popular online services – DropBox and Google Drive, and even has the ability to connect with Apple’s iBooks application, allowing you to upload and share your finished resumé or CV with those that you choose should have access to it.

For those of you who may need a more direct form of sharing, Resume Designer will instantly allow you to send your newly-created CV to your future prospective employer, with the option to print directly from your device using Apple’s ‘AirPrint’ feature also available (requires a compatible printer).

Using Resume Designer you can build multiple resumes using a variety of different styles and templates available, and if you’re applying for more than one job at the same time, you can even duplicate already existing resumes and target different employers with different resume templates.

With a set of predefined resume templates already available for your editing, and in-app tips that provide you with some of the best resume writing practices out there, Resume Designer is $0.99 for a limited time — and should be considered another valuable tool in the box for those currently looking for a job.

Don’t miss this. Get your copy, today!

Version: 2.0.2
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