Apple Extends “iWatch” Trademark Filings To Mexico, Taiwan – [UPDATED: Turkey, Too!]

Apple Extends “iWatch” Trademark Filings To Mexico, Taiwan – [UPDATED: Turkey, Too!]

Things certainly appear to be speeding up in terms of Apple’s application for the “iWatch” trademark. You may remember just yesterday, we reported that the firm had seemingly filed for a “wrist computer” with the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office.

Following that filing, 9to5Mac (via MacRumors) are reporting this morning that Apple has also filed for the internet-coined “iWatch” in two further world regions. Those being, Mexico and Taiwan.


Juli Clover for MacRumors reports:

“In both iWatch trademark filings discovered today, Apple Inc. is listed as the company behind the requests and the company’s Infinite Loop address in Cupertino, California is included on the applications. The filing in Mexico was submitted via Mexico-based law firm Arochi, Marroquín, & Linder, S.C, which has worked with Apple on other product trademarks.”

Whilst Apple’s filing for the “iWatch” trademark should never be taken as ‘confirmation’ that the company is actively working on bringing such a device to market, it is interesting to see Apple begin to ‘pick up the pace’ (as it were) regarding how many world regions it seemingly wants to have ‘guaranteed protection’ in for the (possible) future product term.

Interestingly, the report notes that the three filings which have thus-far been discovered, and which are thought to pertain to the in-development device, were filed “within the same week [as] each other.”

Here’s Apple’s “iWatch” filing for Mexico:


The Taiwan filing can be seen here.

Apple’s “iWatch,” (if it is to be called that), is currently expected to arrive with a 1.5 inch (possibly, flexible) OLED display, and may also carry some kind of “biometrics” system for security and authentication. The wrist device is also expected to arrive with full capabilities to connect wirelessly to existing iOS devices, with Foxconn(Apple’s chosen partner for the production of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), earlier this week showing-off what is considered to be the first iPhone-compatible “smartwatch” the company has played a role in bringing to life.

The filing of the “iWatch” product trademark in Mexico, Taiwan and Turkey, follows closely on the heels of reports which suggest that Apple has also made various filings with the respective trademark authorities in both Russia and Jamaica over the product, earlier this year.

UPDATE: Turkey, Too!

MacRumors has noted in the last hour that Apple has also filed for the “iWatch” trademark in Turkey, too – (although the filing doesn’t appear to name Apple specifically).


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