Deals: ‘Outline+ For iPad’ Drops From $14.99 To FREE (24 Hours Only)

Deals: ‘Outline+ For iPad’ Drops From $14.99 To FREE (24 Hours Only)

Described as the “ultimate” OneNote client for the iPad, Gorillized’s Outline+(the premium and “paid” version of its Business app Outline) – has been designed for those out there who may already use Microsoft OneNote for either their personal work, class or field notes, and is considered a “must-have” app for taking your OneNote notebooks with you ‘anywhere you go.’

Outline+ is all the power of Microsoft OneNote on your iPad. It’s blazing fast and incredibly flexible – allowing you to arrange your notes and pages your way. Quickly capture new ideas, build a concept map, create to-do lists and search all your content and sync it with OneNote via Dropbox secure cloud or iTunes.

Best suited for use with OneNote 2013 and OneNote 2010, (with support for OneNote 2007 also available, but with limited functionality; reading and text only), Outline+ was just updated with full support for Microsoft Skydrive Sync and the connection of an external bluetooth keyboard, making it the perfect app to have with you on your business or college outings.

More than 100,000 students, sales people, real estate agents, journalists, writers, teachers, attorneys, lawyers around the world. It is suitable for everyone who needs a fast and reliable OneNote tool for note-taking, list-making and outlining.

Get Outline+ FREE for the next 24-hours only.

Version: 2.9.2
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