Spotify ‘Discover’ Comes To iOS

Spotify ‘Discover’ Comes To iOS

Engadget is reporting this afternoon that music-streaming service Spotify is about to push out an update to its official iOS client, which will include support for its new ‘Discover’ service.

Spotify 0.7.1(which is still propagating to the App Store) – will see the official launch of Spotify Discover, a service which the company says will help users to find the music that they wish to listen to, based on personalized recommendations.

“Ever find yourself wondering what to play on Spotify? – Introducing the new Discover experience on iPhone.”


Spotify’s new app logo

“Coming soon” to everyone else, the new update also includes a brand-new, redesigned from the ground-up “Now Playing” view, which now features the ‘Up Next’ queue on iPhone.

In addition, you can now actually edit your playlists directly from your iPhone, and improvements have been made to the order of both the app’s search tabs, (seeing the tabs now read: Artists, Albums, Tracks), and the app’s context menu button, with “Playlist” and “Album” views now appearing in the top right of the screen. “It’s better there,” the company says.

Spotify 0.7.1 is a FREE download for all users of Spotify, however, listeners should note that the app requires a paid subscription if they wish to listen to Spotify’s music catalog without ads, or have access to the ad-free service from their iPhone or iPad.

Bug Fixes

This update also includes fixes for a number of issues, including:

- Ford integration now works correctly when your iPhone/iPod is set to a language other than English.
- In your playlist folders, “All Tracks” will now show you the actual number of tracks.
- [They've] sorted lots of crash issues too.
- The unread messages in your inbox will now update correctly.

Download the latest update to Spotify Mobile.

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