Next-Generation iPhone To Feature 3GS-Like Plastic Rear? – [RUMOR, PHOTO]

Next-Generation iPhone To Feature 3GS-Like Plastic Rear? – [RUMOR, PHOTO]

Another purported shot of what are said to be Apple’s range of “low-cost” next-generation iPhone models, have surfaced this afternoon. Originally shared by, the photo (if accurate) could suggest that Apple may be set to return to the ‘plastic’ days of the iPhone 3GS.

From the shot shared, (seen below), we see a device which is backed in a multitude of pastel-like colours. From the reflections caused by the lights above, the material used here certainly looks like a form of “plastic” to us.

Instead of the round beveled back the iPhone 3GS carried, however, this newly “leaked” photo would appear to suggest Apple may be heading for a more ‘straight’-angled bevel in terms of the device’s outer edges, which (if true) would match up with the current design of the iPhone 5.


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That said, we have to admit that it is a little strange to believe that this photo would appear to suggest that Apple’s next iPhone may arrive as a ‘complete redesign.’ Usually, what happens is that Apple first unveils what is considered a “milestone” redesign of the iPhone, (in this case, the iPhone 5), and the following year then releases a ‘bumped’ model of the smartphone featuring the exact same exterior with upgraded internals.

That’s not to say a redesign couldn’t happen, however. Let’s not forget, Apple is yet to release any product of significant importance this year. Especially in terms of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Some have laughed and suggested the company has ‘gone on vacation.’ Personally, I think they’re gearing for something big. Something, dare I say it – “game-changing.”

While I don’t think the above is necessarily that product, I do believe it may feature at the same event. Apple is yet to announce information on the media events it presumably plans to hold this Fall, but (if the past is anything to go by), we should expect to see one around the October-November timeframe.

Today’s purported photo of the next-generation device follows the reported “leaking” of another photo at the end of last month, which could suggest that ‘luminous green’ may also feature as a colour choice in Apple’s next line of iPhone models.

/ MacRumors