Vine Releases Its “Biggest” Update Yet – [UPDATED: Now Works On iOS 7]

Vine Releases Its “Biggest” Update Yet – [UPDATED: Now Works On iOS 7]

Probably in an attempt to “claw back” some of that lost audience, (following Instagram‘s announcement that it will also cater for video content), Twitter tonight released what it considers the “biggest update yet” for its looping video capture app, Vine.

The new update to the video-looping app now allows users of the service to browse and submit their video posts to a whopping 15 new channels, including: Comedy, Art & Experimental, Cats, (and more). In addition to this, users can now discover new and interesting so-called ‘Viners’ right from their “Explore” screen, with the ability to share their favourite video posts with all those who are following them on Vine “in [just] one tap.”

Example of a Vine post – (Credit: @MeaganCignoli)

As an added bonus, Vine 1.3 includes a number of new capture tools, too, which Twitter says should allow you to “shoot with style.” These tools include; a brand new “focus” function, ability to add a visible “grid” to your footage for alignment purposes, and “ghost” tools.

‘Protected Accounts’ are also arriving in this version. Just as with ‘protected’ accounts on Twitter, today, the new feature will allow only the people you approve to follow you and view your video posts.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue that caused the camera to focus unnecessarily while recording
- Improved cache control and less disk space usage
- Faster search for hashtags and people you mention frequently
- Crash fixes and other miscellaneous improvements

Perhaps the most burning question: Does Vine 1.3 fix the playback issues with devices running on iOS 7? - Well, if anyone is running the beta OS and can confirm this, you can contact us at the usual address:, or send us a note on Twitter, we’re at @razorianfly.

Vine 1.3 is FREE on the App Store.

UPDATE: Now Working On iOS 7

We can now confirm that with its latest update Vine is now working again on iOS 7. Rejoice Viners!

Version: 2.0.2
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