Simple.TV Launches Official iPad Client

Simple.TV Launches Official iPad Client

Claiming to be the first personal DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service that “streams live and recorded TV to your favorite devices” – wherever you are, the team behind Simple.TV are now allowing you to watch all your broadcast TV favorites on your iPad, PC, Mac or Roku.

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Available to those in the United States (for now), Simple.TV says that “most” Americans “have access to the major networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, PBS – with a simple HD antenna.” Yet most of those people “pay a fortune every year” just so the cable companies can deliver this service directly to their living room TV.

With Simple.TV, the company claims you will be able to “cut your cable bill,” and (at the same time) take advantage of all of the “amazing” HDTV programming currently available to you.

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Watch, pause and record live TV from your iPad. Simple.TV uses a physical ‘base station’ in order to stream your TV favourites directly to your iPad, PC, Mac, or Roku box

Using the newly published Simple.TV app, you can now take your favourite broadcasting “wherever you go.” Compatible with Apple’s iPad 2 (or later)and with a Simple.TV DVR required — from a simple touch of the screen the FREE Simple.TV iPad app gives you access to your favorite shows whether you’re sitting comfortably at home or “waiting around in an airport lounge halfway around the world.” Those who travel often will be pleased to hear that the app will work over either a 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi connection.

Pricing for Simple.TV starts at $149. For your hundred-and-fifty-bucks, you’ll get one Simple TV DVR system and a 30-day trial of the company’s “Premier Service.”

If you prefer, you can also purchase Simple.TV without the ‘Premier’ add-on, and the company notes that monthly subscription options are not yet available – (but they’re working on it).

Learn more about the service, today – at Simple.TV.

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