Multiaward-Winning Game LIMBO Comes To iOS

Multiaward-Winning Game LIMBO Comes To iOS

Also available for Mac, PlayDead‘s dark and mysterious visual journey LIMBO is this week universally landing on Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Described as “a world that deserves to be explored” by Joystiq, the visual-audio game experience aims to tell the story of a boy who has no choice but to enter “LIMBO” as he becomes uncertain of his sister’s fate.


David Hinkle for Joystiq explains the game pretty well:

The protagonist, a small boy, wakes up in a dark forest and then the game just … begins. No tutorials, no little signs explaining the buttons. Not that it needs any; there are only three functions in the entire game: Move, jump and action (used for grabbing objects, flipping switches, etc.). Using these functions, you traverse perilous terrain, solve puzzles and, in general, try to find a way forward and out.

Death — your own and that of others — is a pervasive theme. Nearly every mistake results in death, often leaving you dismembered or gored. For me, watching the little boy’s eyes wink out was actually more disturbing than seeing him ripped apart. It gives the death a sense of weight (and perhaps meaning, if you care to ascribe any to it). Other characters, human and otherwise, seem to be characterized by death, suffering or savagery, making one thing clear: Something is wrong with this place. It’s as good a motivator as I could imagine, begging the player to move forward, to get out. Whether you do it to see more of the nightmarish landscape, or to escape from it — well, that’s up to you.

The studio notes that players should also be advised that LIMBO is only designed to run on Mac systems which were produced in 2009 (and onwards).

Those with “arachnophobia” need not apply.

LIMBO on iOS will set you back $4.99.

Version: 1.1.2
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Version: 1.1
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