The MacBook Pro’s Electromagnetic Field. Visualised. – [VIDEO]

The MacBook Pro’s Electromagnetic Field. Visualised. – [VIDEO]

As we continue to use the gadgets we depend on everyday, it’s important also not to forget that most (if not all) of the electronic equipment we use, today, actually gives off some form of electromagnetic ‘energy field.’

Commonly referred to as ‘EMF’(Electromotive Force, or Electromagnetic Frequency) – designers by day, Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray, recently set out on a mission to visually capture the ‘force fields’ surrounding some of today’s most-used products, and started with Apple’s MacBook Pro.

“To capture the streak of light coming from the radio, they would slowly drag the phone over the device and wait for the long exposure image to process,” WIRED reports.

Building an Android app to aid them in the process, the pair describe that the smartphone, (complete with its “built-in magnetic sensors”), acted as a sort of “light brush” that reacted based on the strength of the EMF being read.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 12.03.09

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“The gratification that came from capturing each exposure reflects the similar experience in dark-room photography, slowly watching each photograph develop,” Sturgeon explained. “We were surprised by the difference in magnetic strengths between objects and how strong the electromagnetic field is around hard drives and laptop computers and mobile phones, all of which we live in constant close proximity to every day.”

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The result of the duo’s experimental sessions is this video, showing just how powerful and far-reaching the electromagnetic ‘fields’ of the everyday electronic equipment which surrounds us, really are.

Fascinating stuff, right?

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