Samsung’s New TV Spot Is Just Too Weird – [AD]

Samsung’s New TV Spot Is Just Too Weird – [AD]

Sorry, but it just has to be said.

I don’t claim to know everything about marketing(far from it). But, I would like to think I can recognize a good TV spot when I see one. Sadly, Samsung appears to have taken a leaf out of the ‘how to make something viral’ handbook, (rather than focusing on the key points of its flagship smartphone), with its latest TV ad.

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Rob LeFebvre for CultofAndroid, reports:

“Once he starts using the Galaxy S4, the electronica music pumps up the volume, and a bunch of what look like cat-burglars in leather or rubber pants show up, complete with black sweaters, ski masks, and knit gloves. They all dance about, as does the now super cool white guy.”

The ad finishes with the guy (literally) ‘taking a bite out of the Apple.’ Entitled “Sími sem skilur þig,” Samsung’s brand new TV spot can now be watched right here.

I guess “weird” sells, nowadays.

The Question: Does Samsung’s New Ad Speak To You?

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