Golfers: ‘Birdie Eye’ Launches iOS Companion With Flyover Videos, GPS Range Finder

Golfers: ‘Birdie Eye’ Launches iOS Companion With Flyover Videos, GPS Range Finder

Birdie Eye is the new companion app of golfing service – Birdie Eye Online – which is designed for those who want to enhance their overall experience when golfing.

There are two stand-out features Birdie Eye offers for those who like to play on the course. The first is hole-by-hole “flyover” videos. These videos have been created to give you a better feel for the course, facilitating the viewing of the entire golf course from the air.

Hole-by-Hole Flyover Videos

Watch course flyovers on your iPhone and download videos so you can watch on courses that don’t have strong internet connections. View courses from the air before, during, and after each round. The best angles, all the holes, voiceovers with the pro’s secrets and suggested approach, all in beautiful HD.

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The second feature of the app is one which allows you to see, in real-time and dependent on your location, the exact distance you are away from both the green and certain other objects on the course.

GPS Distance Range Finder

Improve your play using the Birdie Eye GPS range finder. Each course showcases hole pictures, flyover videos, par and yardage info in a simple interface. GPS mode allows you view how far you are from the green and other key obstacles in an interface purposely designed for efficiency and to avoid draining battery life.

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The service is FREE to sign-up to. The only caveat we can see is that the service is currently only available to those in Oregon and SW Washington. The company does note, however, that more states will be added to the platform “soon.”

If you are heading out to play a game of golf this weekend, Birdie Eye is a completely FREE download from the App Store which supports Apple’s iPhone, exclusively. The app weighs-in at 4.3 MB.

Version: 1.3
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