TV Show Tracker ‘TeeVee 2’ Updates With New Features, Bug Fixes

TV Show Tracker ‘TeeVee 2’ Updates With New Features, Bug Fixes

Following our full review of TeeVee 2 just a few days ago, the developers behind the TV episode-tracking client over the weekend pushed out a new update to the app. The minor update includes a number of new features and a whole lot of bug fixes for issues we both highlighted (and didn’t) in our first look.

Most notably is that TeeVee 2 now has the ability to mark up all your previously watched episodes as “watched.” While the app did previously support the marking up of TV episodes you may had watched in a given series, it did this by having the user tap each and every episode they had seen.

This was a bit clunky to say the least.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 02.02.51

Thankfully, though, TeeVee 2.0.1 now fixes this issue by allowing the user to select the episode they watched last, and then asks them whether or not they wish to mark all previous episodes as “watched” (as seen above) — Overall, this is a much cleaner and faster way of doing things.

Another cool addition in this version is that when on the app’s “Episodes” tab, you now no longer need to scroll to the last aired episode. That’s because, as soon as you tap to enter the “Episodes” tab, TeeVee 2.0.1 will have automatically scrolled to start you at the next episode due for airing.

Other small changes in this update include the ability to adjust notification times in the app’s “Settings” panel, with options between +2 hours and -2 hours available. In addition, you’ll also find that both the app’s performance and stability have seen various improvements, and the company has squashed a number of pesky and persistent bugs in the software.

Complete with support for basic international show tracking, (and a gorgeously clean interface to boot), with its latest update we’re upgrading TeeVee 2 to “recommended” purchase status for those in the U.S.

Those in the UK and internationally, however, may want to wait it out for further show programming and video clip support.

Version: 2.3
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