Want To Stop AT&T From Selling Your Data? – Here’s How.

Want To Stop AT&T From Selling Your Data? – Here’s How.

Last week, you may remember we told you that AT&T was about to sell your private location and Wi-Fi data relating to your mobile usage on to third-parties. The announcement was made both casually, without mainstream coverage, and – most importantly – without a second thought of what allowing the company to do this could mean for the average AT&T mobile subscriber.

Today, we can tell you how to prevent it.


Step 1. Head over to att.com/cmpchoice

Step 2. When prompted login with your subscriber phone number and AT&T account password

Step 3. You’ll be shown AT&T’s Privacy Permissions page. The specific phrase you’re interested in, is this:

“Our External Marketing and Analytics Reports contain anonymous information about groups of our customers. You may choose to exclude the anonymous information from your accounts from these reports. Please log in to each one of your accounts to opt-out.”

Step 4. Checking the tickbox located next to each of your wireless lines you wish to “opt-out” with, will legally prohibit AT&T from being able to sell your data for marketing and analytic purposes to third-parties.

Step 5. Hit Submit.

If you want to see what information AT&T could (potentially) pass along to these ‘unnamed’ third-party corporations if you don’t choose to “opt out,” just check out what happened to Malte Spitz.