‘AT&T Has Invented The Holy Grail Of Anti-Piracy Systems’

‘AT&T Has Invented The Holy Grail Of Anti-Piracy Systems’

As access to (and use of) the internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, many of the world’s corporations and governments are trying everything in their power to ‘moderate’ it, at the request of both known (and unknown) third parties.

TorrentFreak is reporting this weekend that one of those corporations is AT&T, which, it says, may be sitting on its biggest invention yet – the ‘ultimate anti-piracy system.’

“[AT&T has] patented a mechanism through which it can detect copyright infringing files that are sent over its network in real-time, and then stop the transfer or report the perpetrator to [either] copyright holders or law enforcement.”

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The patent the report is referring to is entitled “Real-Time Content Detection In ISP Transmissions,” (US Patent No. 20100138543 A1), and it covers “a method and system for detecting the transmission of preidentified content, such as copyrighted material, over an Internet Service Provider (ISP) network.”

According to the filing, the system is able to lay out a set of rules that then work to “identify one or more traffic flow profiles of data streams transmitting preidentified content.”

The filing continues, by explaining:

“A database contains, e.g., as digital signatures or fingerprints, one or more items of content whose transmission is sought to be detected. Data streams identified as matching a profile are analyzed to determine if their content matches an item of content in the database, and if so, an action is taken which may include interrupting the transmission, suspending an ISP account, or reporting the transmission.”

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“An ISP with a system performing this method,” the patent reads, “may offer services to content providers, and a plurality of ISPs may jointly use a single database of preidentified content to be compared to each ISP’s identified data streams.”

The patent was originally filed by AT&T with the USPTO on December 3, 2008, and was granted to the company on June 3, 2010. The patent names: Alexandre Gerber, James M. Loman, Oliver Spatscheck and Ajay Todimala, as the inventors behind the method.

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