OmniFocus For iPhone Updates With Background Sync, Better Business Search, (More)

OmniFocus For iPhone Updates With Background Sync, Better Business Search, (More)

Receiving a new update this week, The Omni Group’s ‘OmniFocus’ task management suite for iPhone in its latest iteration now includes the ability to activate “background sync,” among other useful features.

Citing that “you’ll always have your important information at hand” when using the app, OmniFocus for iPhone first hit the App Store in November 2008, and having won an ‘Apple Design Award’ for “Best Productivity App” shortly after the launch of the iOS App Store, is now widely regarded as being one of the best offerings in its category.

Building on its full-rounded approach to task management, OmniFocus for iPhone 1.16 now allow for the ‘Background Syncing’ of your tasks, and other related information.

Using the new feature you can now have the “most current information” in your pocket as you go about your day. The app will add your most-frequent locations to its “Background Sync” list, and OmniFocus on iPhone (or iPod touch) will then sync automatically when you arrive or leave.

In addition, when you search for businesses you’ll now find that search results are retrieved from Apple, instead of Google, (no word on why this is the case), and each result will now be “sorted by proximity.”

Those who need to send their tasks to other places will be pleased to hear that the company has in OmniFocus on iPhone 1.16 also added ability to send actions via email, as you already can in OmniFocus for iPad.

You’ll Also Find

- Improved cut and paste of “Actions”
- Changes to the “Inbox” badge count calculation
- Improved handling of audio interruptions
- Added button on “Forecast Event” details to view the event in Calendar
- Crash fixes

OmniFocus for iPhone will set you back $19.99, with today’s update arriving as a FREE download for those who may already be taking advantage of the task management suite.

Plus, as we briefly mentioned above, OmniFocus is also available for iPad. Due to its specially-designed user interface which takes advantage of the iPad‘s larger display, this version of the app costs $39.99.

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Version: 1.6.5
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