Don’t Miss This: ‘World Travelpedia’ – (Was $23.99, Now FREE) [Limited Time]

Don’t Miss This: ‘World Travelpedia’ – (Was $23.99, Now FREE) [Limited Time]

For a limited-time only the guys over at Parkour Lab are dropping World Travelpedia from its usual price of $23.99 – to FREE.

World Travelpedia‘s purpose is exactly as it suggests. The app provides you with the latest information on the world’s best sights, restaurants, shopping locations and nightlife, in over 300 different countries.

The app will give you access to information on the Top 100 hottest travel cities, including: New York City, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Sydney and Barcelona, and even provide detailed information on the Top 50 hottest countries, including: Italy, America, England, Germany, India, China, France, Mexico, and Japan.


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As you search and discover with World Travelpedia you’ll also find over 50,000 world sights to choose from, as well as information on over 40,000 of the world’s best restaurants, 30,000 world shopping places, and 30,000+ world nightlife places.

World Travelpedia offers “Smart” mixed views for both ‘Maps’ and ‘Lists,’ to provide you with the “best navigation experience,” while the app’s “Near searching” feature will help you find the nearest (and most popular) restaurants and shopping places.

Perhaps the perfect travel companion to have with you on your next trip, World Travelpedia is FREE (for a limited time). The app universally supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Version: 6.0.4
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