‘VLC For iOS’ Returns To The App Store

‘VLC For iOS’ Returns To The App Store

VideoLAN’s popular media player – VLC – has this week returned to the App Store, following the app’s pulling over GPL license copyright issues at the end of 2010.

Described as a “full re-write” compared to the version of VLC Player that was previously available, the company notes that it “started with modern video and audio output modules offering faster drawing,” and then added “full support for 10bit H264 encodings,” the “Retina” display, and (perhaps most important of all)lower latency.

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From the official announcement:

“On top, we started from scratch. While the UI offers all the functionality you might remember from the initial version, we did not stop there. We added multiple ways to sync media, video filters and playback speed manipulation, support for subtitles including Closed Captions and complex SSA, playback on external screens or AirPlay, and of course native support for multiple audio tracks and background audio playback as well as passcode lock.”

What’s New

Here’s just some of the features you’ll find in this version.

Wi-Fi Upload – Allows users to upload files directly to the iOS version of VLC through a web browser on the PC or Mac.

Dropbox Integration – Play media directly from Dropbox or download it for offline playback.

Download from Web – Download files from any web server for offline playback

Network Streams – Play any network streams support by VLC media player for desktop operating systems

3rd-Party App Integration – Any app with a ‘share’ dialog can use VLC for iOS for media playback

Video Filters – Video playback can be modified for brightness, contrast, hue, saturation or gamma in real time.

Get ‘VLC for iOS’ FREE on the App Store.

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Version: 2.2.2
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