Adobe Photoshop Touch Gets The “Ripple” Effect, Drops From $14.99 To $9.99.

Adobe Photoshop Touch Gets The “Ripple” Effect, Drops From $14.99 To $9.99.

Updating to version 1.5, yesterday, Adobe‘s touch-based photo-editing suite – Photoshop Touch – has this weekend gained support for the “Ripple” effect.

News that Adobe may have been working on bringing a touch-capable version of its highly-popular professional photo-editing software to Apple’s iPad, first hit the wires on February 25 — and by Monday, February 27, the app was available for download on the App Store.


In its latest version, photographers looking to edit their photos using the “Ripple” effect without having to rely on their MacBook and Photoshop for Desktop, will be pleased to hear that they can now find the new artistic filter under Photoshop Touch‘s dedicated ‘Effects’ menu. The effect is usually used to create water-like surfaces, (as seen above), but can also be used for other purposes.

Ocean Ripple – Adds randomly spaced ripples to the surface of the image so that it appears to be underwater.

Ripple – Creates an undulating pattern on a selection, like ripples on the surface of a pond. For greater control, use the Wave filter. Options include the number and size of ripples.

Citing that the update also brings with it improvements to the app’s “synchronisation engine” to now better sync your saved photos to Creative Cloud (subscription required), Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.5 is now available for $9.99, (a notable discount on its regular price of $14.99).

It is so far unclear how long this sale will last. So, be quick! – Those who are either new, or less-experienced, when it comes to using Photoshop should also check out Adobe Photoshop Express, available FREE from the App Store.

Note: This app is specifically designed for Apple’s iPad.

Version: 1.5.1
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