Flipboard Announces User-Generated Magazines For The Web. Now Available Through Your Browser.

Flipboard Announces User-Generated Magazines For The Web. Now Available Through Your Browser.

Flipboard – an app we imagine many of you will already use, which allows for the curation of flippable, digital magazines based on the content you most care about, is updating to support the viewing of these same user-generated magazines on the web.

Announced via the Official Flipboard Blog the company highlighted that, since the service’s inception just a few years ago, 2 Million magazines have been made about “every topic imaginable.”


And today, they’re taking things to the next level.

“Now, for the first time, all of those magazines can be experienced on the Web,” the firm writes. “Starting today, when you share a Flipboard magazine via email or social media, anyone who clicks on the link can read it, whether or not they use Flipboard.”

This new web functionality, which mirrors that of other online services such as; Vine and Instagram, (both of which currently allow for the viewing of user-generated content without the need for an app), is only set to expand the audience Flipboard can now reach.

“The Web magazines were uniquely designed for desktop browsing, all with Flipboard’s signature look and feel. Each magazine has an expansive, full-bleed cover, and pages can be “flipped” from left and right, just like on mobile devices. Curators can continue to add content to their magazines from the Web and other Web magazines, but now they have a significant new way to grow readership,” the announcement continues.

The feature currently supports IE9+, Safari, Chrome and Firefox, with magazines available in 11 languages, including: English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German. Clicking on the menu icon in the top left corner of any magazine, the firm says, will allow you to explore “beautiful magazines” curated by the Flipboard community.

“If you want to start creating your own magazines, go to Flipboard on your smartphone or tablet and create an account, which you’ll need to curate content you love.”

Check it out for yourself (above).

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