Introducing Our Sister Publication: @ConspiracyLane.

Introducing Our Sister Publication: @ConspiracyLane.

Today, we are pleased to finally announce the official launch of our brand-new sister publication, Conspiracy Lane.

Born from the initial idea of wanting to inform the mass populous that the world around them is not what it appears, Conspiracy Lane will take readers on a polar-opposite journey of the coverage we provide and publish here at RazorianFly, as they find themselves embarking on an unending discovery trail to learn the truth about the system which has been, (and is still being), installed by the ones who like to be referred to as the ‘Power Elite.’

Ever wondered how the system our society finds itself in today, really works?… Why the letters you receive from the Government always address you as either: Mr, Mrs, Master or Ms? … Or, how 1% of the world’s population owns over 95% of the world’s total wealth?

From those who control the flow of money on Wall Street, to those who are involved in the highly-secretive running of the ‘City of London Corporation’ and United Kingdom Corporation PLC, all the way to the bright lights of Hollywood and the movies the dream makers perpetually release onto the sliver screen. We’ll also delve into the Music Industry, and discover the reason behind the seemingly “hidden” messages sometimes embedded in the music we all listen to everyday.

Conspiracy Lane will cover the latest innovations in technology (and how they might affect our privacy), the decisions of Government around the world, (and what they could potentially mean for ‘we, the people,’) and even expose the secret rituals that those who are currently in positions of power are said to conduct with their equally-powerful friends, as we ultimately aim to provide you with an accurate, contextual, and fact-based perspective of the world which surrounds us.

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The publication will specifically provide a “conspiratorial,” and analytical, view into several different topics. The main topics we plan to cover, include: Current Affairs (World News), Technology (Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.), Entertainment (Music, Movies, Television, etc.), Government (NSA, Geo Politics), and Secret Societies (Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucians, Ordo Templis Orientis, Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, The Bloodlines, etc.).

By subscribing freely to Conspiracy Lane, you’ll learn how those in power, today, (and for the last hundred years, or more), have systematically constructed a world in which the super-wealthy become more wealthy. You’ll discover why “unemployment” is at its highest rate ever in history, and the ‘End Goal’ to the Power Elite’s agenda to (eventually) make us all dependent on them.

You’ll also learn the true reason for your ‘Birth Certificate,’ what “television programming” is actually designed to achieve, and perhaps even learn ways how we (the people) can – peacefully – get the word out about what’s really happening.

Conspiracy Lane is our continuing effort to inform you about the flip-side of the modern society in which we now live — a society that is (at its heart) fundamentally based on an ancient system of power, the blueprints of which were left by the generations which have gone before us.

As part of the official launch of Conspiracy Lane, we’ve now also moved any previous coverage we’ve written for RazorianFly to do with the Government, NSA activities, and phone-tapping, over to the new publication. Of course, you’ll also find a tonne of new content, which we’ll be expanding on regularly – too.

If you feel that you are ready to begin your journey down the rabbit hole, we would advise that you start by reading this first.

We invite you to take a trip down Conspiracy Lane.